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CLCD is used in hundreds of leading academic institutions as part of the Children's Literature and Early Childhood curriculum.

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Libraries Worldwide rely on CLCD to make informed purchasing decisions, inform their patrons, for program enrichment and community outreach.

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Pre-K to 12 Schools

Pre-K to 12 Schools & School-districts around the world rely on CLCD to build better collections & enhance the curriculum with the best Children's and young-adult literature selections.

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Award Committees, Publishers & Others

Book sellers and library system suppliers rely on CLCD's depth of independent content to enrich the offerings to their customers and patrons.

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Themed Features

The Science of Spring

"The spring has sprung, the grass is rizz. I wonder where them birdies is." Even Pooh Bear recognized spring is full of science discoveries!

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April Daze

April celebrates lots more than Easter and Passover. We've rounded up the recent books having to do with a variety of April days and happenings.

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Poetry and Science: a Natural Fit

What better to express the wonder of science than poetry? With these books, readers ponder the beauty of space, the miracle of the seasons, and even the arcs of sports. Whether free verse, rap, or rhyme, readers and listeners will find these hard to resist.

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App of the Month

The New Kid on the Block

Prelutsky is among the most popular of kids' poets and they'll love the newly updated interactive app that includes eighteen of his poems. Start by choosing Read or Play, select a poem, and enjoy. Produced by Wanderful, the app is available for $4.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at iTunes. According to Prelutsky's website, an Android version is in the works. A $2.99 premium upgrade provides a 45-page Classroom Activities Guide for curriculum integration.

Author Features

Henry Cole

"From wombats and weasels to feathers and felines, Henry Cole has been busy as a beaver illustrating books for all ages."

(http://www.henrycole.net/main.php?link=library) He writes, as well, and nature often finds its way into his books.

Featured Articles

Searching for resources for our historical themed reviews led me to two excellent articles on "historical literacy" and using nonfiction in the curriculum. I was delighted when both authors granted permission to share their work in our Newsletter.

Helping Us Think: Authors Promoting Historical Literacy

Evidence, point of view, and changes over time impact our understanding of the past. Queens College Professor and Author Myra Zarnowski writes about using quality nonfiction to promote historical literacy in young students, citing Kathleen Krull's Benjamin Franklin as an example.

No Nonsense Nonfiction: Tips for Incorporating Nonfiction into the ELA Curriculum

Teachers everywhere are looking for ways to use more nonfiction text in their curriculum. Teacher Pauline Zdonek shares her efforts with other middle school teachers to bring more nonfiction into their classrooms.

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Quote of the Month

"CLCD has always been my go-to resource for finding information about children's and young adult literature. The database brings together a wealth of information--reviews from reputable sources, reading levels, awards information, subject access--in one easy to use tool. I can't imagine working in these areas without having access to CLCD. I appreciate that the folks at CLCD are constantly looking for ways to improve the database and make it a true community for users of children's and young adult literature."

Paula McMillen, PhD, Professor, UNLV Libraries, Retired

Search Tip of the Month

Use the icons on the search results page below the jacket covers to help you know if the record includes an award, a review, curriculum tools or reading measurement. "Hover" over any icon to see what it represents. These icons should assist in your decision about the book's usefulness for you.

Pictured, left to right, are the icons for Reviews, Curriculum Tools, Awards, Reading Measurements.

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