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CLCD is used in hundreds of leading academic institutions as part of the Children's Literature and Early Childhood curriculum.

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Public Libraries

Libraries Worldwide rely on CLCD to make informed purchasing decisions, inform their patrons, for program enrichment and community outreach.

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Pre-K to 12 Schools

Pre-K to 12 Schools & School-districts around the world rely on CLCD to build better collections & enhance the curriculum with the best Children's and young-adult literature selections.

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Award Committees, Publishers & Others

Book sellers and library system suppliers rely on CLCD's depth of independent content to enrich the offerings to their customers and patrons.

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Themed Features


"O Canada . . .The True North Strong and Proud." Canada Day, the country's national holiday, is July 1 and commemorates the 1867 unification of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Upper and Lower Canada (Québec and Ontario), hence known as the Dominion of Canada.

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Ramadan is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims believe first verses of the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam were revealed by Allah.

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Soccer's World Cup is on! Millions will be watching as teams play to make the Finals on July 13. Feed patrons' soccer fever with these exciting books.

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App of the Month

Petting Zoo

Children ages 4 and older will be full of giggles as they "pet" the animals, bending them into funny, awesome, or strange creatures. It's more an interactive book than a game, with an intuitive interface that can be mastered quickly. Both CNet and Top Best Apps for Kids use words like "quirky" and "charming" in their descriptions. It can be downloaded to both iOS and Android devices and costs $2.99.

Author Features

Chris Raschka

Being granted the opportunity to hear Chris Raschka give a speech or make a presentation is to be transported into the very real world of this gifted author/artist who has the ability to "reach" students and adults alike

Featured Articles

Searching for resources for our historical themed reviews led me to two excellent articles on "historical literacy" and using nonfiction in the curriculum. I was delighted when both authors granted permission to share their work in our Newsletter.

Helping Us Think: Authors Promoting Historical Literacy

Evidence, point of view, and changes over time impact our understanding of the past. Queens College Professor and Author Myra Zarnowski writes about using quality nonfiction to promote historical literacy in young students, citing Kathleen Krull's Benjamin Franklin as an example.

No Nonsense Nonfiction: Tips for Incorporating Nonfiction into the ELA Curriculum

Teachers everywhere are looking for ways to use more nonfiction text in their curriculum. Teacher Pauline Zdonek shares her efforts with other middle school teachers to bring more nonfiction into their classrooms.

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Quote of the Month

"My assistant and I LOVED using and going to CLCD. It is one of the greatest resources for Youth Services librarians, and I'm not overstating it"

Joyce Laiosa
Voorheesville Public Library (Retired), 2015 ALA Notable Books Selection Committee.

Search Tip of the Month

This time of year, librarians and teachers are often gathering statistics. Usage Statistics, under the My CLCD tab, allows an administrator to see which and how often IP addresses are used to help their institution optimize resource use. There are differences in how statistics were captured in the legacy (original) application and the new application; at present we are unable to combine the statistics from legacy system and the new data available in v. 3.1 Consequently we include the ability to view both statistics for a more complete picture. Over time, we may integrate the two reports to produce a single report.

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