Agnes Cecilia

Author Gripe, Maria,
Language Spanish
New York: Harper & Row, 1990


After experiencing several inexplicable incidents, lonely Nora receives a strangely lifelike doll, which leads her to discover long-hidden secrets about her family.

Subjects :

  • Fiction
  • Family life
  • Ghosts
  • Dolls

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Best Books :

  • Kirkus Book Review Stars, 1990

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Reviews :

CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center Choices, 1990)
Orphaned as a child by a tragic auto accident, Nora has lived for years with her great-aunt and uncle and their son Dag. Although convinced of her surrogate family's love, Nora invariably feels like an intruder. Her sense of isolation is heightened by several inexplicable incidents which begin to occur following a move into a new apartment. As the mystery unfolds Nora discovers another tragedy to which she is strongly linked, and begins to increasingly comprehend the complexities of human relationships. An intricate realistic plot and elements of haunting fantasy are well balanced in this smoothly translated novel. CCBC categories: Fiction For Teenagers. 1990, Harper & Row, 288 pages, $14.89. Ages 13 and older.
(PUBLISHER: Harper & Row (New York:), PUBLISHED: 1990.)

Kirkus (Kirkus Reviews, 1990)
After a long interval, here's an intriguing, beautifully written novel from the fine Swedish author of The Green Coat (1977). Traumatized by her parents' tragic death early in her childhood and by her relatives' subsequent denial that it occurred--which deprived her of mourning--Nora is a withdrawn, solitary 14-year-old whose only real friend is Dag, the cousin whose family has raised her. After the family moves to a new apartment, Nora becomes aware of a ghostly presence; there are other mysterious occurrences, like wrong numbers that coincidentally save her from accidents. Another strange telephone call leads to Nora's receiving a lovely old doll that turns out to have links with Nora's family's past, with her new home--and, ultimately, with a cousin her own age whose existence has been concealed from her. Like a Bergman film, this exquisitely crafted, multileveled story explores its theme through past events that both parallel and underlie the angst of the present. Though the characters are many, their roles are well defined and their stories deftly linked. Daringly, Gripe uses multiple coincidences to underline the supernatural element here and to accentuate the characters' complex bonds. A satisfying mystery--as well as a fascinating philosophical novel concerning abandonment, family ties, and self-realization. 1990, Harper & Row, $14.95; PLB $14.89. Starred Review. © 1990 Kirkus Reviews/VNU eMedia, Inc. All rights reserved.
(PUBLISHER: Harper & Row (New York:), PUBLISHED: 1990.)

Publishers Weekly (Publishers Weekly)
Supernatural forces begin to surround Nora when she and the family that has taken care of her since her parents' tragic death years before move to a strange, old apartment. Guided by dreams, mysteriously revealed messages in a book of folklore, odd coincidences and the proddings of Dag, the boy she has grown up with, Nora is led to a toy repair shop where she is given a beautiful old doll that seems almost alive. But Nora's ultimate destination, and the purpose of her journey, are shrouded in mystery. Incident follows incident and suspense mounts as a generations-old puzzle begins to unravel. Agnes Cecilia is a first-rate mystery, a precise, warm-hearted psychological study and a remarkably original ghost story wrapped up in one thoroughly engrossing book. Ages 12-up. (May)
(PUBLISHER: Harper & Row (New York:), PUBLISHED: 1990.)

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Series :

Coleccion Gran angular ; 40

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Publication Details:

  Publisher ISBN Notes
New York: Harper & Row, 1990

Media Type: Language Material
282 p. ;
PZ7.G8875 ([Fic])
Translation of Agnes Cecilia.
Madrid: Ediciones S.M., 1985

Media Type: Language Material
267 p. ;
PZ73 ([Fic])
Translation of Agnes Cecilia.
New York: Harper, 1981

Media Type: Language Material

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