The Halloween tree

Author Bradbury, Ray,
Language English
Blackstone Audiobooks Three CDs $19.95., 2011


A group of children and a "spirit" go back through time to discover the beginnings of Halloween.

Subjects :

  • Juvenile fiction
  • Time travel
  • Fiction
  • Children's stories
  • Halloween

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  • Middle And Junior High School Library Catalog, Eighth Edition, 2000 H.W. Wilson
  • Books for You: An Annotated Booklist for Senior High, Sixth Edition, 1976 National Council of Teachers of English
  • Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog, Ninth Edition, 2005 H.W. Wilson
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Reading Measurement Programs:

9780394824093, 9780394924090
Knopf; [distributed by Random House (New York) 1972.

Accelerated Reader
Interest Level Middle Grade
Book Level 4.7
Accelerated Reader Points 4

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Reviews :

Asher Wismer (Audiofile, November 2011)
One of America's foremost storytellers, Ray Bradbury, spins this fairy-tale story of Halloween night and all the mystery it entails. Bronson Pinchot invests this short novel with a dignified air. Some boys who are out trick-or-treating lose one of their number and enlist a friendly spirit to help retrieve him from the land of the dead. The spirit transports them across the centuries to learn how fear of death has influenced the history of Halloween. Pinchot often whispers his narration to the point of inaudibility--this is not a book to listen to on a noisy commute. The spirit, Moundshroud, is the chief offender here, almost sighing his dialogue. While the boys are loud enough, they all sound similar. However, they're usually named in the text, so lack of character differentiation isn't a problem. A.Z.W. (c) AudioFile 2011, Portland, Maine Unabridged. 2011 (orig. 1972), Blackstone Audiobooks, Three CDs, $19.95. Ages 13 up.
(PUBLISHER: Blackstone Audiobooks Three CDs $19.95., PUBLISHED: 2011 (orig. 1972))

Publishers Weekly (Publishers Weekly)
First published by Knopf in 1972, Bradbury's classic Halloween story for readers "11 and up" is now available with substantial cuts to the text restored. This deluxe edition includes a splendid introductory essay by Bradbury scholar Jonathan R. Eller; facsimiles of the 1967 screenplay and the 1971 novel in progress with numerous hand corrections; the 1972 final novel submission with a table of galley changes and extensive notes; and the 1992 teleplay. A special delight are the charming drawings by the author in addition to all the original art by Joseph Mugnaini. This is a beautiful book, a must-have for every Bradbury aficionado. (Nov.)\n"
(PUBLISHER: Gauntlet Publications ([Colorado Springs CO]:), PUBLISHED: c2005.)

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Publication Details:

  Publisher ISBN Notes
Blackstone Audiobooks Three CDs $19.95., 2011

Media Type:

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2007

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