Goodbye, Max

Author Keller, Holly.
Language English
London: Julia MacRae, 1987


Ben blames his parents for the death of his dog, Max, and does not want the new puppy they brought home.

Subjects :

  • Dogs
  • Fiction
  • Death
  • Grief

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Reviews :

Judith Sharman (Books for Keeps No. 64, September 1990)
An honest attempt to deal with the very emotive topic of a child coping with the death of a loved pet. As such, and as there is so little available on the subject, it deserves a place in the classroom, but the children hit on the book's weakness when they said that Holly Keller's comic-style illustrations, though popular in other books, seemed 'too jokey' and 'not right for the story'. Category: Infant/Junior. . ...., Walker, 2.99. Ages 5 to 8.
(PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books (New York:), PUBLISHED: c1987.)

Publishers Weekly (Publishers Weekly)
Author/illustrator Keller has the uncanny ability to tell an emotion-packed story with simplicity and directness. As in Geraldine's Blanket, the main character has lost something that cannot be replaced. In this story, Ben's dog Max has died the week before. His parents bring home a new puppy, but Ben won't look at it and refuses to help name it. But while Ben and his friend Zach are delivering newspapers, Zach begins reminiscing about funny things Max did: he dropped Mr. Brown's paper in a puddle ("He couldn't hold it as tight as he used to''); he ate Mrs. Murphy's TV section right after she scolded him for barking at her cat (``Max's eyes were so bad he probably didn't even see that dumb cat''). The the boys sit on the curb and cry until they can't cry any more. Then Ben decides that it's finally time to name the new puppy. A warm, tender story about love, grief and the comfort of friendship. Ages 4-8. (April)
(PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books (New York:), PUBLISHED: c1987.)

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Publication Details:

  Publisher ISBN Notes
London: Julia MacRae, 1987

Media Type: Language Material
PZ7 (813/.54)
New York: Greenwillow Books, 1987

Media Type: Language Material
[32] p.:
PZ7.K28132 ([E])

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