Grandpa Abe

Author Russo, Marisabina.
Language English
New York: Greenwillow Books, 1996


Grandpa Abe enters Sarah's life as her grandmother's boyfriend, becomes her grandfather by marriage, and enriches her life before leaving it.

Subjects :

  • Death
  • Fiction
  • Grandfathers

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Greenwillow Books (New York:) 1996.

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Reviews :

Hazel Rochman (Booklist, May 15, 1996 (Vol. 92, No. 18))
Bright, clear gouache paintings in Russo's signature style illustrate an expressive story about the loving bond between a child and her grandfather by marriage. When Sarah is born, her grandma comes to visit her at the hospital with her boyfriend, Abe. He's there at Sarah's christening, laughing when she spits up on his shoulder. On her first birthday, Grandma and Abe decide to marry. Year by year, he's there for Sarah, spoiling her with gifts, dancing and playing tricks, drawing special pictures for her. He attends her school for Grandparents Day. Then suddenly, when Sarah is nine, Grandpa Abe dies, and she has to cope with her grief. Just one thing: all the visitors at Grandparents Day, including Abe and Grandma, look more like great-grandparents; not one resembles the working, late-middle-age grandparents that many contemporary kids know. Still, the pictures here show Sarah with her grandpa in her close family, and kids will respond to the joyful relationship across generations. Category: For the Young. 1996, Greenwillow, $15 and $14.93. Ages 4-8.
(PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books (New York:), PUBLISHED: c1996.)

Judy Silverman (Children's Literature)
This book is a treasure. Sarah's grandma marries Abe, and Sarah has a new grandpa. He does a lot with Sarah, from eating spaghetti with sauce that gets all over their shirts to doing magic tricks and drawing wonderful pictures that Sarah hangs next to her bed. Sarah's family is devastated when Grandpa Abe dies. Russo describes the funeral ceremony (Sarah doesn't go to the cemetery) and shiva, the Jewish custom of remaining in the house for a week after a death. She allows the grandmother a sleepless few nights and many tears, and finally Grandma and Sarah begin to accept Abe's death. This is a wonderful book about love and loss. 1996, Greenwillow, $15.00 and $14.93. Ages 4 to 7.
(PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books (New York:), PUBLISHED: c1996.)

J. Bauman (Parent Council Volume 4)
When Sarah was a year old she got a new grandfather when her grandmother married Abe. Sarah and Abe grew closer with each passing year, but one day when she was nine, Grandpa Abe died. Read and discuss with your children these issues of love and bereavement to prepare them for future losses. 1996, Greenwillow Books, $15.00. Ages 5 to 8.
(PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books (New York:), PUBLISHED: c1996.)

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New York: Greenwillow Books, 1996

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