The chocolate touch

Author Catling, Patrick Skene.
Language English
New York: HarperTrophy, 2006


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Subjects :

  • Juvenile fiction
  • Fiction
  • Reading comprehension
  • Schools
  • Magic
  • Chocolate
  • Humorous stories

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Awards, Honors & Prizes :

  • Voice of Youth Award, 2004-2005 First Place United States

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State & Provincial Reading List :

  • Utah Children's Book Awards, 1983; Nominee Utah
  • Voice of Youth Award, 2004-2005; Nominee Illinois

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Reading Measurement Programs:

HarperTrophy (New York:) 2006.

Accelerated Reader
Interest Level Middle Grade
Book Level 4.7
Accelerated Reader Points 2

Listening Library (Old Greenwich CT:) 1992.

Accelerated Reader
Interest Level Middle Grade
Book Level 4.7
Accelerated Reader Points 2

Morrow (New York:) 1979.

Reading Counts-Scholastic
Interest Level 3-5
Reading Level 4
Accelerated Reader Points 4

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Reviews :

Mary Quattlebaum (Children's Literature)
This title comes just in time for candy season. Though published 54 years ago, this funny chapter book still eloquently addresses the sweetness and sorrow of an unbridled id. John Midas loves candy--“boiled candy, cotton candy, licorice all-sorts, old-fashioned toffee … and, above all, chocolates.” He eschews nutritious food, lies to his parents and begs from his friends to obtain the sweet stuff. But then a magic coin buys him a single piece of exquisite chocolate, and John’s dream comes true. Everything touched by his lips turns to chocolate, from his breakfast orange juice to the pencil he nervously nibbles at school. The suspense mounts as John’s sweet gift begins to sour. His beloved trumpet turns to chocolate, his best friend’s birthday party is ruined and a single kiss changes his mother into a chocolate statue. Only when he takes steps to change himself does the spell reverse. This cautionary tale will leave kids chuckling and perhaps re-thinking their own over consumption, whether of candy, computer games or TV. 2006 (orig. 1952), HarperTrophy, $5.99. Ages 7 to 10.
(PUBLISHER: HarperTrophy (New York:), PUBLISHED: 2006.)

Anita Barnes Lowen (Children's Literature)
This title is a delicious retelling of the story of King Midas whose touch turned everything into gold. In this case, sweet loving John finds an odd coin and a strange store where he spends the coin on what he thinks will be a box of chocolate. Much to John’s disappointment, the box contains only a tiny piece of plain chocolate. But what chocolate it is--the most chocolaty chocolate he has ever tasted. The next morning, John discovers that everything that touches his lips turns into chocolate--rich, sweet, smooth chocolate just like the chocolate he ate the night before. Toothpaste tubes squirt chocolate. Water fountains at school spout streams of chocolate. This is a dream come true. But even greedy John finds that too much of a good thing can quickly turn from a dream into a nightmare--especially when he kisses his mother and turns her into an unmoving chocolate statue. Is there anything John can do to reverse this horror? An entertaining and humorous tale of a boy who gets much too much of a good thing. 2006 (orig. 1952), HarperTrophy, $5.99. Ages 8 to 10.
(PUBLISHER: HarperTrophy (New York:), PUBLISHED: 2006.)

George Hunt (Books for Keeps No. 68, May 1991)
John Midas has a passion for chocolate which governs his entire life. One day he discovers a strange coin and spends it at an equally strange shop selling the most chocolatey chocolate in the world. John's subsequent tendency to turn everything he touches with his mouth into chocolate should be a dream come true but, of course, it's a nightmare. A brilliantly told story where the hilarity of John's predicament is consistently underscored by its intensifying horror. The children may laugh as the sweet, brown, sticky sludge accumulates, but not without a quiver of anxious guilt. Highly recommended for reading aloud and for independent readers of all ages to enjoy on their own. Category: Nursery/Infant. . ...., Mammoth, £1.99. Ages 2 to 4.
(PUBLISHER: Mammoth, PUBLISHED: 1991.)

Mary Jane (BookHive (
Imagine what it would be like if everything your lips touched turned into chocolate. Your toothpaste would be chocolate paste. Your eggs would have chocolate yokes. And broccoli would be absolutely delicious. Life would be perfect, or would it? In this funny story inspired by the King Midas legend, John Midas discovers that he has the chocolate touch. At first he is delighted. He has all of the chocolate his greedy heart desires. However, he soon learns that there are some things that are more important than chocolate, like a simple glass of water, a good friend and his own mother. Category: Beg. Chapter Books; Fantasy; Humor. Grade Level: Primary (K-3rd grade). 1979, Morrow Junior Books. Ages 5 to 9.
(PUBLISHER: Morrow (New York:), PUBLISHED: 1979 c1952.)

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Publication Details:

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New York: HarperTrophy, 2006

Media Type: Language Material
126 p.:
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identical books (126 p.):
Number of identical books varies.
Old Greenwich CT: Listening Library, 1992

Media Type: Nonmusical Sound Recording
2 sound cassettes (1 hr. 18 min.):
PZ7.C2696 (BT/F/Cho)
"Complete & Unabridged."
LIMS #C45191 (1994)
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Originally published New York: Morrow 1952.
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Teacher's guide from the series Quest extenders a Scholastic reading improvement series.
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Media Type: Language Material
95 p.
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