Child of faerie, child of earth

Author Sherman, Josepha.
Language English
New York: Walker Pub., 1992


Percinet, half-human son of a queen of Faerie, falls in love with a mortal, the daughter of a medieval count, and leaves his realm of magic to defend her against her cruel stepmother, a secret sorceress.

Subjects :

  • Fairy tales
  • Fantasy

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Reviews :

Chris Sherman (Booklist, Feb. 15, 1992 (Vol. 88, No. 12))
Sherman has written a totally beguiling fantasy, truly romantic and completely engrossing. When Percinet, the half-human son of Rezaila, queen of Faerie, falls in love with Graciosa, the human daughter of Count d'Aulnoy, he has to contend not only with his mother's disapproval, but also with Graciosa's. But when Grasciosa's father marries the evil, toadlike Lady Eglantine, who dabbles in sorcery, Percinet comes to the rescue, carrying Graciosa off to the Faerie realm to meet his mother and to develop the magical talents Grasciosa has long repressed. When she returns to the human world, Graciosa is immediately imprisoned by Eglantine. Then Percinet is captured, too. The adventure builds to a wonderful climax in which Graciosa and Rezaila combine their talents to save the Faerie prince. With well-developed characters and plenty of excitement, this fantasy is one that's bound to please. Category: Older Readers. 1992, Walker, $14.95. Gr. 6-10. Starred Review.
(PUBLISHER: Walker Pub. (New York:), PUBLISHED: 1992.)

Kirkus (Kirkus Reviews, 1992)
Graciosa was chatelaine of her father's castle until he married the hideous Lady Eglantine for her fortune. Jealous of Graciosa's beauty, Eglantine tries to kill her, aided by a minor demon. But Graciosa has caught the eye of Percivet, half-human prince of the faerie lands of Queen Rezaila; he rescues her and takes her to Faerie, where Rezaila tries to arouse. Graciosa's latent magical talent. Graciosa resists and returns to earth, where Eglantine sets her impossible tasks like sorting tangled skeins. When, with Percivet's help, she succeeds, Eglantine traps her in a tomb while the demon seizes Percivet. Tapping her talent, Graciosa returns to Faerie; she and Rezaila rescue Percivet, setting the demon free to carry Eglantine's soul to hell. Graciosa returns with Percivet to Faerie. There's little new or engaging in this wicked stepmother story cross-fertilized by Rumpelstiltskin and Tam Lin: Eglantine gets her comeuppance; Percivet's pride goeth before a fall; and Graciosa comes out sadder but wiser. Sigh. Okay for collections with an active interest in fantasy and romance. 1992, Walker, $14.95. © 1992 Kirkus Reviews/VNU eMedia, Inc. All rights reserved.
(PUBLISHER: Walker Pub. (New York:), PUBLISHED: 1992.)

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Publication Details:

  Publisher ISBN Notes
New York: Walker Pub., 1992

Media Type: Language Material
vi 159 p.:
PZ7.S54575 ([Fic])

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