The ascendant

Author Chapman, Drew.
Language English


"From a riveting new voice in suspense fiction, THE ASCENDANT is an action-packed thrillers following a unlikely hero--a number savant named Garrett Reilly--as he races around the globe to avert total war"--

Subjects :

  • Suspense fiction.
  • FICTION / Suspense.
  • Fiction
  • Savants (Savant syndrome)

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Reviews :

Publishers Weekly (Publishers Weekly)
Warfare goes digital in movie and TV writer Chapman's fast-moving debut, a high-stakes thriller that pits the online might of China against that of the United States. With China on the move—using a variety of Internet techniques to cripple the American economy—the Pentagon figures it needs someone who's not shackled by the strategic thinking of previous generations to lead a counterattack. Enter Garrett Reilly, a tech-savvy Wall Street bond trader with a particular knack for spotting mathematical patterns, who reluctantly agrees to head the military's top-secret Ascendent program, “to prosecute a stealth war against the Chinese.” Despite the grumbles of old-line generals, Reilly harnesses a group of energy-drink-swilling cyber nerds, not only to outmaneuver Beijing but to try to topple the Communist Party leadership. Chapman has created an unlikely, offbeat hero who, despite some clunky characterization, is easy to root for. Agent: Markus Hoffmann, Regal Literary. (Jan.)

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