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What is CLCD?

Since 1993, the Children's Literature and the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) have been supporting library and education professionals by delivering One Source, One Search access to professionally developed information focused on YA & Children's media. We've never strayed from our mission of connecting our member-subscribers with information about titles, authors and illustrators around the world, and to connect children and young adults with the titles that will significantly impact their lives.

Now 23 years later we're proud to deliver this exciting new edition of "CLCD." To many at CLCD, this release provides as much impact as in 1999, when we switched from paper-based information delivery to an Internet accessible resource.

Introducing CLCD Enterprise 5.0

Debuting with a brand-new name, CLCD Enterprise 5.0 (CLCD E5) is the culmination of substantial upgrades to our flagship product. It's also the launch pad for the next phase in a new and unique series of solutions to serve our community in powerful new ways. Thank you, our member-subscribers and business/content partners, for your support and suggestions.

CLCD Enterprise 5.0 builds on our CLCD 4.X series by introducing powerful new localization capabilities - Local Collection Services and there's so much more. Our member-subscribers will benefit from brand new search interfaces, new index points (search limiters), language options, new professional review sources, new awards, honors, prizes content for example. Every new capability is designed to help our member-subscribers save time and improve services to their community.

We're also taking this opportunity to introduce three new Outreach Programs. Each of these programs is unique, innovative, and will deliver on our mission to make a significant difference in the lives of young readers, our member-subscribers, business partners and community. You'll find details later in this document.

  • MyCLCD University
  • CLCD One for One
  • CLCD K-12 Connect

Shortly after the release of CLCD E5, we'll be unveiling a brand new CLCD Newsletter and Blog. The new format will provide more timely delivery of helpful information to a broader group interested in the world of children's and young adult titles, reading skills, libraries and related topics.

What's New in CLCD Enterprise 5.0

CLCD's rich content and advanced search functions provide flexibility and value for our subscribers. CLCD Enterprise 5.0 builds on these traditions and introduces powerful new capabilities for YA and Children's Services professionals. Each new function and enhancement is designed to help our member-subscribers provide the best reading suggestions for every young reader at every level.

Flexibility and value are core values at CLCD. We love hearing that a new department or service has been improved using our products. Our vast 3 million fiction and nonfiction enhanced title database and filtering capabilities are provided to every CLCD subscriber. We believe flexibility and access to the entire Universe of Books is what every reader at every level deserves.

1. Under the hood enhancements

CLCD Enterprise 5.0 (CLCD E5) introduces enhanced Readers' Advisory, Reference, Collection Management, Discovery and Research capabilities for educators, librarians, and library lovers. CLCD E5 builds on our 4.X platform's Web 2.0 capabilities, provides faster and more frequent content updates and improves on our 4.X platform's search engine and search results ranking algorithm.

CLCD Enterprise 5.0 arrives with powerful new localization capabilities we're calling CLCD Local Collection Services (LCS). Enabling LCS is a simple drag and drop process initiated by the CLCD System Administrator. Once enabled, a new set of tools are automatically enabled to enhance CLCD's ability to save our member-subscribers time and provide improved service.

2. Local Collection Services (LCS)

LCS connects CLCD's rich content and powerful search functionality to your library's local collection. This is a key capability enhancement in the CLCD E5 release. As we continue development on the CLCD Enterprise platform, we'll be leveraging LCS capabilities even more, and providing additional tools and solutions.

Your CLCD System Administrator(s) simply drags and drops a MARC file into the "drop zone." A background indexing process begins and minutes later a unique and powerful new set of capabilities are available to staff and patrons!

Enabling CLCD Local Collection Services overlays our content with your library's titles. CLCD's search and filter functions are applied and you can instantly view and search your Children's and YA titles in a powerful new way. It's like your own unique Children's Literature Comprehensive Database!

Local Collection Services screenshot

3. Local Collection Search : Limit searches to just your collection

The first feature leveraging LCS is the Local Collection Search option on CLCD's Advanced Search Page. Limit CLCD search results to ONLY items held in YOUR library! Or, easily switch back to the CLCD Universe of Books (now over 3 million YA & children's titles!)

CLCD E5's Local Collection Search limiter is designed to work in conjunction with the CLCD OPAC Link. Search results (with LCS) are items your library owns. The CLCD OPAC Link provides a fast, easy availability check. They're great features that save time and provide an additional level of service.

Local Collection Search screenshot

4. Two New Search Interfaces

Until the release of CLCD E5, CLCD's subscribers had access to two search methods. The Advanced Search Page and the CLCD Quick Search. CLCD E5 introduces two new search interfaces to help our customers find just the right titles for every task. Both new interfaces leverage CLCD's Local Collection Services functions.
  • CLCD Power Search, a powerful Boolean search interface, provides index-level query selection along with the ability to build an infinite number of additional index-points using Boolean operators. As you build your search, you can see the database query being created as you navigate the graphic Boolean search process. The query is generated in a closed text box below. CLCD's subscribers will soon be able to key Boolean queries directly. CLCD E5 designed this search interface to help researchers, authors and publishers directly access title information important to their unique requirements. Just like any other CLCD search, Power Searches can be saved for later use.

    CLCD Power Search screenshot

  • 5. CLCD Award Search is the initial edition of an interface for queries based on a variety of index-points related to YA and Children's title awards. CLCD's Content Development staff currently tracks over 815 (and constantly growing) Regional, State, National, Organizational and International YA and Children's title awards. This unique and important content (and flexible access to it) is a continuing content growth area. Stay tuned for additional limiters and search functionality based on Award Date, Award Selection Criteria/Description, Publisher/Imprint, Author, Region, Title and a lot more. CLCD Awards Search also leverages our growing collection of thousands of best books, reading lists, curriculum tools, reading levels and special collections.
    Each individual award speaks to a specific audience, genre, topic, age group, etc. that is important to the YA and Children's reading community. CLCD's member-subscribers and content partners value the importance and relevance of this content. It's another key differentiator and an important factor in the titles our subscribers select or suggest for their readers.
    One Source, One Search Access to the Best of the Best - by Region, State, Publisher, Genre and more.

    CLCD Award Search screenshot

5. User Interface Language Options

CLCD's products have a global reach. And, the English as a second language population continues to grow. CLCD delivers the first three non-English language interface selection options. We've translated our interfaces into Chinese, Arabic and Spanish with the initial CLCD E5 release. These options are session specific and there are more languages to come. We're looking forward to providing additional language options and welcome your recommendations.

User Interface Language Options screenshot

6. Title Detail Page - Flexible Layout Options

CLCD E5 and earlier editions, provide value to our subscribers as a resource used in a variety of departments within a library, university, publisher or school. Our Advanced Search Page provides the flexibility required to support our customers in a variety of different tasks. CLCD E5 builds on this flexibility by making it simple for CLCD customers to easily identify the content that's critical to their task and arrange it on the Title Detail Page accordingly.

A simple drag and drop process moves any of CLCD's 12 Content Panels in the order that best suits each customer's requirements. Want to move "Books Like This" to the top, Reading Measurements? Professional Reviews? Simply drag and drop. Not happy with it a week later? Rearrange the panels again. One size doesn't fit all.

Title Detail Page Screenshot

7. Enhancements to The CLCD Forum

The CLCD Forum is a space where the CLCD Community can share ideas and help each other succeed. We've continued our plans for the CLCD Forum by building on earlier Web 2.0 functionality. CLCD E5 subscribers can now share (and borrow!) their own Thematic Lists, Saved Search Queries and more. Have a great list of books about a topic? Want to pose a question to thousands of library professionals? Want to share a tip? Want to borrow a Thematic List from one of CLCD's staff librarians? The CLCD Forum is where it's at.

We've also added a quick access panel on the right side of the CLCD Advanced Search Page that shows the latest and most popular Forum posts! Keep an eye on the CLCD Forum for new Thematic Lists, Author Interviews, helpful articles and more. CLCD's staff librarians love providing them for you. And there all free!

Since day 1, we've provided our community with timely Author Interviews, Thematic Lists, Feature Articles and other relevant information related to the world of YA and Children's reading. We've enhanced access to the entire collection with new indexes and will soon enhance access even more.

Did You Know? - Directly above the Forum Quick Access Panel you'll see a new "Did you know?" panel. We're using this as an area to bring attention to content related facts, tips and tricks, and other important information to maximize the benefits of our products.

8. Relocation of Nested Search Limiters (Special Search Qualifiers)

CLCD strives to provide the most accessible tools and resources possible to help our community of subscribers identify the perfect materials for every purpose and for every reader. To improve access for all, we moved some popular Search Limiters. This is a low-impact adjustment for most. And a HUGE benefit for others.

Special Search Qualifiers Screenshot

9. Powerful New Search Limiters

Finding titles is easy. Finding titles that engage, inspire, grow, entertain and educate is a little more difficult. CLCD's content is solely focused on Children's and YA materials. CLCD E5 leverages our rich content even further by providing new limiters and some labeling updates on others. You'll find these changes under the Reading Metrics column on the Advanced Search Page.

10. Publication Date Toggle

Major YA and Children's Book Award Committees trust CLCD's content and search tools, as one of the resources used to identify appropriate titles for committee work. CLCD provides this service to committees at no charge. It's another important Outreach Program that we're honored to provide.

Recently, a committee needed to more quickly identify the original publication dates for certain titles published numerous times. CLCD E5 now provides an option to search by first or any date of publication.

11. Saved Search and Reading List Enhancements

CLCD E5 subscribers will benefit from increased sharing options for Saved Searches and Reading Lists. Sharing options now include email, print and download options. We've also introduced the ability to share (and borrow) your lists and saved searches with the entire CLCD Community via the CLCD Forum!

Individual Title Detail Records and Reading Lists can be shared with non-subscribing (or not authenticated/logged in) members of a CLCD subscriber's community. Not all our rich-content is provided with this option.

Saved Search and Reading List Enhancements Screenshot

Sharing Reading List through CLCD Forum Screenshot

12. New Outreach Programs

  • CLCD K-12 Connect
    A Public Library to K-12 School Outreach Program, has been in pilot-testing over the last year. And the response and success has been overwhelming.
    Strong connections between Public Libraries and K-12 Schools have never been more important. Budgets shrink, resources become limited, and licensing restrictions require schools and public libraries to purchase the same tools twice!
    CLCD has responded by extending our Public Library member-subscriber's access to their local K-12 Schools at no additional charge to either! We provide free training, helpful Quick Start guides and ongoing support. Value. Flexibility. Community.
    CLCD E5's Local Collection Services and the CLCD OPAC Link provide an extension of your library's collection to every teacher librarian, media specialist, student, classroom teacher, reading coach, and parent. CLCD's My Reading Lists and Saved Search functions are powerful tools that save time, expand the use of community resources and build the connection between public libraries and schools.
    Educators now have a powerful new resource available to help them encourage readers, support the curriculum, build collections, and discover materials like never before.
    Need more information on K-12 Connect? Contact CLCD at membership@clcd.com

  • CLCD One for One For years, ILS/OPAC system providers have offered enhanced content to support standard bibliographic records, as an option to help library patrons make more informed title selection decisions. In many cases, by no fault of an ILS system provider, a library is forced to purchase the same content twice. The same information that's added to a bibliographic record might be accessed using a different user-interface within different departments of the same library. CLCD responds with our One for One program.
    Libraries can now leverage CLCD's content as an ILS/OPAC record enhancement service through their ILS system provider. CLCD will then provide our full database and retrieval products for use by any other departments/roles as well. We provide training, help guides and ongoing support services to the library at NO additional charge. If your ILS provider doesn't currently offer CLCD's enhanced content service, please contact us via membership@clcd.com. We'll work with you and your ILS provider to make it happen.
    Value. Flexibility. Service to Library and Education Professionals!

  • MyCLCD University Plus CLCD's content and extensive retrieval services have been treasured by colleges and universities since our beginning. Students in Early Childhood Education, Children's Literature, Reading Skills and Library/Information Science related courses trust our independent, non-commercial content and retrieval capabilities.
    When a new teacher, teacher librarian, or public librarian enters the working world, they're confronted with myriad issues surrounding new jobs, new roles and new responsibilities. We appreciate and support educators and librarians by offering CLCD to our college and university subscribers' graduating students by underwriting their subscription for one year.
    No charge. No catch.
    MyCLCD University Plus is another value driven program we've developed as a THANK YOU to our university and college subscribers. And it's a THANK YOU for new educators and library professionals to help transition into successful careers in public service.
    Value, Flexibility and Service to our Community. These are core values at CLCD.

How did we get to 5.0? (The Short Story)

Children's Literature was founded in 1993. Marilyn Courtot and a group of fellow Children's Services Librarians began publishing a newsletter delivering professional reviews, articles and additional information to help Children's and YA services professionals provide enhanced services to their community. Children's Literature is the birthplace (and now sister company) of the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) and our diverse, rich content offerings.

CLCD 1.0 - (1999)

Introduction of Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) as an Internet searchable database. The initial "run" of CLCD's database contained 400,000 YA and Children's MARC records. These records were enhanced with reviews from 3 professional review sources. This release was based on a project developed for the National Library of Medicine. The engine developed to search their MARC records was lightning fast and stood the test of time. It was adopted for use with CLCD and with minor adjustments to this same User Interface, CLCD quickly became a trusted resource for Young Adult and Children's Services Librarians. Our growing collection of professional reviews from diverse, non-commercial sources was adopted by colleges and universities, and CLCD became a primary teaching and learning tool for Early Childhood Education, Children's Literature, Library and Information Science and other courses of study.

CLCD 1.0 screenshot

CLCD 2.0 - (2013)

After 14 years, CLCD needed some renovations! The first step in a long-term strategy began with big changes to CLCD's front-end interface. This new interface introduced a brand new look and feel for CLCD. It also introduced new capabilities for this time-tested resource. The "engine" driving CLCD since 1999 was still lightning fast. Our vision for the next generation of CLCD began.

CLCD 2.0 screenshot

CLCD 3.0 - (2014)

With 3.0 we changed how the front end accessed and managed data. Web 2.0 functionality was introduced with the CLCD Forum and MyCLCD functions. The CLCD Forum provided member-subscribers a place to interact with each other and another way to communicate with us! MyCLCD was introduced and gave every user of CLCD a private and secure area to create, edit, revisit and share themed lists, saved searches, and more. CLCD 3.0 was released under the watchful eye of the newly formed CLCD Advisory Board. The Advisory Board reviews our current focus while providing valuable insights and suggestions for new products and capabilities.

CLCD 3.0 screenshot

CLCD 4.0 - (2015)

We stepped away from our original static, rigid database and migrated to a dynamic, new data retrieval engine. Our database had grown to over 2 million titles, with over 45 review sources! Our enhanced content now exceeded over 2 million information elements. CLCD's new retrieval engine provided an improved search results ranking algorithm. This allowed us to quickly address results ranking issues and supported continuous improvements. Another high-impact change introduced with 4.0 was our "FRBResque" Title Detail Record merge. How (and why) our member-subscribers used CLCD had changed over the years. The merged content spoke to those changes and has been a big hit.

CLCD 4.0 screenshot

CLCD Enterprise 5.0 (CLCD E5)

Developments "under the hood" in CLCD E5 amplify several earlier functions released with CLCD 2 through 4. Our vision for a state of the art, forward focused CLCD makes its debut. Introduction of localization capabilities - CLCD's Local Collection Services, new search interfaces, language options, Title Detail Page layout options, and a lot more. Read on for details!

CLCD Enterprise 5.0 screenshot

We look forward to hearing your comments and ideas for the CLCD Enterprise 5.X series. Send us your Feedback to let us know your thoughts.